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Don’t make it hard to leave, make it easy to stay

The success of any company rides on the strength of its people, and while building the A-team is every founder’s dream, keeping it is just as important. So, what is the secret sauce to making a company where people want to stay?

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Write a career journal

Struggling with interviews? You're not alone! Prepare like a pro by creating a career journal full of memorable stories - your brain's cheat sheet for those tricky questions.

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Work-related advice from our friends in tech

We love collecting tips and insights from peers in our monthly newsletter interviews. We started publishing these valuable nuggets in a series of blog posts called 'We asked friends in tech'. Most recently, we shared our friends' excellent hiring tips. Today, we’re highlighting their one-sentence work-related advice.

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Hiring advice from our friends in tech

We asked friends in tech for their one-sentence hiring advice. Here is a list of our favourite nuggets, plus our team's top-notch tips when hiring your dream team.

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4-day work week: a 2023 update

With more and more companies trialling a 4-day work week, we revisit this increasingly popular topic with new tips and insights.

Lookahead life

Jo Montanari

We chatted with Jo for our Ducks in a Row newsletter interview and learnt about modo, her favourite reads and the power of the glue.

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Questions to ask at the end of the interview

Keep that conversation going strong with our list of questions to ask employers at the end of the interview.

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John Allsopp

We chatted with John for our Ducks in a Row newsletter interview and learned about his favourite podcasts, tools and hiring advice.

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Using an open source contribution to skip a take home challenge

Adam and I made a list of active open-source projects that need help. If you're asked to create code for an interview process, this feels like it could be better than a take-home.

No items found.

So, you want to be a contractor...

Have you thought about taking a contract role? Here are tips and considerations

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“Although I’m not coding on a daily basis, I’ve really enjoyed meeting developers and chatting with them. Having that technical background definitely helps me understand what developers and companies are after. I’ve also spent a lot of time giving people general advice on job searching and resume writing. They really appreciate that.”

Fiona Chan
Lookahead recruiter since 2015

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