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Ted Tencza

Steve Gilles
Apr 1
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Introduce yourself

My name isTed Tencza, a software developer and engineering manager based in Sydney (soon to be relocating to Launceston, TAS). I started my software career fairly late, as I initially planned on being a Historian and University Professor.  My first programming language was NATURAL, before eventually moving on to JAVA and Front-End technologies. I have been in leadership roles since 2005. I get immense satisfaction leading highly intelligent, highly motivated technical people.

What do you do outside work?

I recently started my own company - Code Purple Consulting (the purple theme again). Currently, my clients are individuals whom I mentor 1-1. I am hoping to get a few corporate clients in the near future. If your company needs help with interviewing, onboarding, org processes, or distributed teams, please feel free to reach out.

What do you do outside work?

I like reading, hiking, and cooking. I especially like cooking Texas-style low-and-slow BBQ. I own 4 BBQ grills (2 smokers, 2 grills). I make my own BBQ sauce, and it is slightly different every time I make it. I don't like following recipes, instead, I use them for inspiration and then do my own thing. That is also my attitude towards leadership - look at best practices and what other successful leaders do, but then put my own spin on it. I find it much easier to handle unfamiliar problems when I am using my own playbook, rather than trying to remember what someone else said to do. I am also a die-hard NFL Vikings tragic. Everything in my house and wardrobe would be purple and gold if not for my wife's intervention.

Any podcast you are currently listening to, or a book you are reading?

I enjoy reading non-fiction historical works. I am currently reading about a trading voyage that took place in the 1790s. The ship sunk off the coast of Australia, and the crew had to transport the cargo (7000 gallons of rum) 500km overland to Sydney. What dedication.  

What is your favourite tool or resource, and why?

Atlassian Cloud products - mostly because I lead the team that created the very first version of them back in 2008. I have worked with them at every subsequent company, and therefore know them like the back of my hand.

Toughest work moment?

Having to let people go, whether it was as a redundancy or for performance reasons. Unfortunately, I have had to do it several times in my career, and it is never easy.

Most rewarding work moment?

Being able to mentor people, and have them tell me that it made a positive impact on their career. Seeing people that I have managed in the past moving onward and upward in their careers.

Your one-sentence work-related advice

Find a company that allows you the career growth that you want, rather than forcing you into a role that doesn't suit simply because it is the only way to advance.

Your one sentence hiring-related advice

Stop over-indexing on candidates with CS degrees or who have worked at FAANG companies, instead judge each candidate as an individual, and really understand what they would bring to your company.  

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