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Swift and hiring iOS developers

Martin Kelly
Jul 16
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Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OS X developers is called Swift. It’s still in beta right now but developers have had access to it since last month.

It heralds significant changes to how companies will build their iOS apps and raises some interesting questions. Should all Xcode -> New Project be done with Swift and how easy will it work with an Objective-C codebase?

What we do know is that Swift is here to stay and it presents an opportunity for companies that adopt it early to attract iOS developers.

We’re fans of well considered technical tests at Lookahead Search however it can be difficult to get someone to commit (on average) 4 hours of work where success is not guaranteed. Why not embrace the enthusiasm for the new and shiny and encourage your prospective hire to code their technical test in Swift?

The majority of iOS developers like the new language and many are spending a good portion of their free time getting up to speed with it. By giving them the option of completing their test in Swift, they get to play around with some of the new features and you also have an immediate common ground to talk about in the interview.

Some will prefer to do the technical test in Objective-C, however, with the competition to hire for iOS right now, it’s a really good way to stand out from the crowd.


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