Getting more from your interviews

One of the challenges of interviewing is getting all the info you need without it feeling too scripted or turning into an interrogation.

Resigning with class

By the time your references have been taken, you've reviewed your contract in meticulous detail and you even managed to locate a scanner to get it back to your new employer, it can seem that all the hard work in changing jobs is done. Hang on. You still need to tell your boss that you are moving on.

The droids everyone is looking for

Over the last 2 years, Android has been the fastest growing technology that we have hired for.

Swift and hiring iOS developers

Apple's new programming language for iOS and OS X developers is called Swift. It's still in beta right now but developers have had access to it since last month.

Great expectations, getting the first week right

You've interviewed, referenced and offered and looking forward to having that superstar developer join your team. It's at this point that you sit back, admire your mad recruitment skillz and put a note in your calendar for a month's time. That's how it works right?

“Although I’m not coding on a daily basis, I’ve really enjoyed meeting developers and chatting with them. Having that technical background definitely helps me understand what developers and companies are after. I’ve also spent a lot of time giving people general advice on job searching and resume writing. They really appreciate that.”

Fiona Chan
Lookahead recruiter since 2015

Join our team

We don’t just hire for other companies; we’re also building our own dream team.

We hire people who care about technology and train them to become great technical recruiters.

Are you a developer looking for a more people-focused role? Or a product manager who wants more autonomy?

If you love technology and want to work more closely with people, Lookahead could be the perfect fit.

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