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Technical Director | Sydney

Details (ARCHIVED)

From an office a short stroll from Sydney Harbour in Milsons Point, you will be leading technical decisions and driving the agile process. While initially focused on development, you will grow close to the business by helping manage their development goals and expectations. Thus creating a cosy development cocoon that allows developers to focus on shipping.

You'll work alongside a team of senior developers who can fill you in on their codebase and environment as well as the current development practices.

The team is poised for growth so you would help planning for it. Should we grow junior developers, hire seniors or do a bit of both? With that worked out you will run the hiring process.

Ruby on Rails: our main app is Rails 3, a newer app running our latest product categories are on Rails 4. You could help us strategise how to get our existing offerings, as well as future offerings, on the same platform using the latest technology.  Should we migrate?  Re-write?  Have each offering as a service, SOA-style?  A bit of all?

We use a Github pull request workflow and have a continuous deployment process that involves Capistrano > TravisCI > Codeship > staging with Anchor hosting.

Energy, enthusiasm and attitude are important. As the team grows, motivating, guiding and representing this team will be a key part of your role. A leader who appreciates giving and receiving direct feedback would fit in well here. The team encourages robust, respectful debate when evaluating ideas.

A strong communicator and business solution strategist who can map short and long-term needs to the appropriate technical solution, and articulate, in plain English, technical trade-offs when they exist.

We'll happily consider senior developers willing to take the next step in their career.


Send an email with your Github account, resume, website or anything else you're proud of. Steve Gilles from Lookahead Search has been retained to hire this position: | @stevelikesyou

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I'm a recruiter who's actually technical and I'm happy to share more detail with anyone who's interested.

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