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Ten Years

Steve Gilles
Dec 22
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Ten years ago I took my first gig in recruiting.

It was December 2006 and I’d wrapped up a small dev shop that I ran alongside close friends. Rails was the new shiny and people seemed happy with their Sony Ericsson K608.

Recruiting was going to be a stepping stone. I loved tech, but there was this huge industry I knew nothing about. The idea was to spend a few years understanding what’s out there, then figure out what I really wanted to do.

Turns out that meeting developers and seeing what they built really floated my boat. I couldn’t believe people paid me to match engineers with great companies, while learning more about technology myself in the process. I don’t create tangible things, but I get a real kick out of helping a small group of people throughout their careers.

I thought I’d get bored, but I’ve been challenged every day and observed other recruiters who mastered the craft. Recruiting seems simple, but it’s far from easy. When you’re dealing with people, there are always surprises.

If you’re ever curious about making the jump, ask me. Lookahead has always grown slowly so it’s hard to say when we’ll next be hiring, but I’d love to help more technology practitioners become recruiters. People who already understand technology tend to make great recruiters, and Australia could use a few more to help give our industry a better name.

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