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Technical tests - coding up a storm

Matt Allen
Oct 4
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How’s that code test going? Walk in the park or stressing you out?

A popular tool for screening tech roles is the tech test, that is, a test that’s relevant to the technology your day job will be using. Although they can be time consuming, put in your best effort. Some of our clients look at the code before the resume so be sure you’re as proud of your code as you are of your work history.

The best companies will give you a test that you can do in your own time and should generally be submitted along with the git repo so the reviewers can follow along. The test will usually comprise of a relatively simple problem that you could solve with a small amount of code. You can safely assume they’re not looking for a Code Golf solution.

Some of the simple things that separate the good solutions from the great solutions are:

  • Good readme
  • Beautiful code
  • Clean file structure
  • Concise git commits
  • Appropriate design principles
  • Test or Behaviour driven development

No matter what language you’re solving the problem in, these are the techniques all professional developers should be using.

Also, bare in mind that if you do get an interview on the back of your solution they’ll be talking to you about your approach and why you made certain decisions. It’s really important that you’re able to explain why you did something a certain way. Beware of copy and pasting code from the internet.


For most positions in interesting companies, you’re unlikely to be the sole applicant. The code test is a fantastic way to stand out. Inject some of yourself into it. Make it enjoyable to read for the reviewer. Code has personality, just like you do. Make it an interesting one.

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