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Talking @ TAFE

Georgina Robilliard
Jun 19
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Last night I spoke at a TAFE presentation night, alongside @CathJones0 and @geoffroh .

The students had just completed Certificate IV in web based technologies and Diploma in website development and we were there to talk about the next step:


More and more people are learning how to develop software and the job market is certainly growing. However, graduates can’t simply walk into a junior developer role as soon as they finish study. Working with technology and developing software can result in a great job but it’s a competitive industry to start out in, so these students will need to get themselves noticed by hirers.

To help them stand out from the crowd, we spoke about demonstrating what they know and their motivations through Passion, Presence and Projects (a phrase coined by @mattallen) and how to stand out with your resume or CV, cover letter and interview. @CathJones0 and @geoffroh also spoke about their experiences and what they wish they had known when they first graduated.

It was a great night and I think the students appreciated our advice. I really enjoyed being able to help them in their search to get a job that they will love.

Thanks Dean and the team at TAFE for inviting us to speak; we had fun.

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