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Recruiting and marketing

Steve Gilles
Oct 1
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Smart companies are using their recruitment process as a marketing exercise. Any company actively hiring during a downturn has a positive story to tell!

To attract the best talent:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Engage recruiters wisely
  3. Build a positive reputation with candidates


Explain how you are unique through your recruitment documentation and candidate interactions.

Make sure job specifications are well written and designed to excite. I'm all for recycling, but if you've been re-using the same document for years it's usually obvious. :)


Who you choose to advocate your business in the market matters because a candidate’s first impression is made by a recruiter, not you.

To attract the top 5%, send in one experienced recruiter who can leverage their local network, rather than a number of firms who don't understand your business and are in a big hurry to make the placement.


The industry is interconnected and people talk. Leave every candidate you interview feeling great about your company. Especially those that you don’t hire.

We can’t stress the importance of giving detailed feedback enough. Candidates who have invested time in pursuing an opportunity with your company form a lasting impression based on the effort you took to give feedback.

Getting these little things right makes all the difference. It's simple but not easy when things are moving fast.

As we start to see the war for talent heat up again, the winners will have a recruitment process that excites at every step of the way.

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