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Now hiring product roles

Steve Gilles
Apr 5
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Quality over quantity is one of our five values. To keep quality high, we focus. That means often turning down roles that aren’t software engineering.

But early last year one of our best clients asked for help hiring a product manager. We were already hiring their developers, so it was a worthy side quest. Expectations were set low but the search went extremely well.

One-by-one this was repeated with other long term clients. A head of product here, a senior product manager there. Those projects were fun, probably thanks to some of our recruiters having experience as product managers themselves. Also, lots of wonderful people we met years ago as developers had switched to product.

So we’re excited to thoughtfully expand our offering and would love to help more folks in the product community. Please keep us in mind if you’re looking to hire or be hired in a product role.

Check out the latest job openings here.

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