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Nadia Vu

Debbie Teakle
Jul 8
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Introduce yourself

Hello 👋 Im Nadia, a back end Ruby engineer based out of Melbourne! On my third coffee Ask Me Anything.

What do you do for work?

Currently, I am an Engineering Manager at CashApp. I moved over to CashApp as part of the Afterpay acquisition. I lead a team of 7 or so engineers.

What do you do outside work?

Outside of work, I love listening to true crime podcasts and watching true crime documentaries. Also the occasional sewing project. But sewing for me only has two modes, I either do it for every waking moment that I'm not at work, or not for months, there is no in-between.

Toughest work moment?

I lost a job that I really loved during the pandemic, that was pretty heartbreaking. Sometimes as a people leader, you see tough moments more often.

Most rewarding work moment?

Seeing my team present work that they have worked on over a couple of days/weeks/months at the all-hands meeting and just beaming with pride from the audience. When they not only nail the work but also nail the presentation. ✨

Your one-sentence work-related advice

One of my old managers used to tell me: "It's not brain surgery". Which, really helped put things into perspective.

Your one-sentence hiring-related advice

As the interviewer it’s just as important to bring your authentic self to the interview so the candidate has a better understanding of your company and your team.

Connect with Nadia on LinkedIn.

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