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How to support your favourite meetups

Fiona Chan
Jun 16
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The world has changed a lot since COVID-19, so has the way we run meetups. A lot them have moved to an online format and it will probably be a while before we do any in-person events. It's really important that we continue to support, grow and maintain these wonderful communities we've built over the years. Here are some simple ways to support your favourite meetups:

Tune in to an event

Quite a few meetups have moved to an online format e.g. Design System meetup, SydCSS, RORO Syd, Girl Geek Sydney and Front End Tech. You can now even attend events that are based interstate and overseas. All from the comfort of your own home!

Become a speaker / recommend a speaker

As a meetup organiser of SydCSS, one of the hardest things is to find speakers. If you've been thinking about presenting for a while but not sure what topic to do, I highly recommend reaching out to a meetup organiser to have a chat. They understand their audience well and can give you some ideas on what sort of topics to present.

You can also help by suggesting people who'd be good speakers. Did a colleague present at a lunch and learn recently? Maybe they'd be interested in presenting at a meetup too!

Interact with other attendees

Some of these events have live chats so you can interact with others. Just a simple "hello" to your fellow attendees, or an applause emoji 👏 when the speaker starts and finishes, can already make a big difference to the overall energy of the event.

Lots of banter in the live chat at SydCSS' April event

Give feedback to the organisers

Most of us haven't run online events before, so we are figuring it out as we go. Things won't go perfectly but we want to improve. So be sure to give the organisers feedback. It's the only way we can ensure we continue to run events that people will enjoy.

If you are interested in chatting more about running online events, you can DM me on Twitter @mobywhale or email me at

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