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Developer Apprenticeships

Steve Gilles
Dec 3
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When you hire juniors, your team naturally becomes more diverse. That's because graduating classes of bootcamps and universities are starting to look like the real world. It wasn't always that way, my classmates from uni who are now seniors are mostly men. We're trending in the right direction but we need more jobs for our juniors.

Every company we speak with wants help building a diverse team, yet almost none of them are prepared to train juniors.

"Once we hire a few more seniors, we'll be ready".

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to bring people from underrepresented groups into a large homogenous team. You don't need to have an arsenal of seniors to support a junior, especially when you have the right kind of support.

Our friends at Blackmill can solve this problem.

Back in 2017 our client Qantas Hotels (👋Stu!) asked for help putting a developer academy together. We placed junior developers, along with Blackmill's co-founder Elle Meredith to run the program for 4 people.

It was a huge success - they're all still working there.

This is all Elle. She's a wonderful teacher and a class act. They're offering the same training services to other companies and have a framework that makes sense. We can do the hiring to bring the cohort in, if you need help too. 👉

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