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A new look for Lookahead

Steve Gilles
Aug 25
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Today we're launching our new site and a rebrand. In 2012 we built a site based on a promise of what Lookahead would be. Today we get to tell the story of who we are.

This has been hard because I love our original site. Kai Brach (Offscreen Magazine, Dense Discovery) nailed the design. I credit Lookahead's early traction to having a site that stood out in the right way. But a refresh was needed and fortunately we were able to bring Kai back to create v2.

Moving on from the old logo was easier. In the push to ship the site back in 2012, Kai threw a border around the word 'Lookahead' and we agreed that's good enough for a temporary logo. It's served us well.

Our new logo is more versatile, looks better on social profiles and more at home on sponsor slides. I like that you can type our logo in a terminal, and it reminds me of my gaming roots where the clan (team) you were in went in brackets.

Finally, in our version of drop the 'the', our name goes from 'Lookahead Search' to 'Lookahead'. Most knew us as just Lookahead so let's make it official.

Huge thanks to Simeon, Kai, Stephen, Tom, and the Lookahead team who worked hard to put this together.

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