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10 Years of Lookahead

Steve Gilles
Mar 1
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We love birthdays, and this year it’s a big one for Lookahead so I hope you have fun celebrating with us remotely. We have been the recipient of so much support over the years and owe a lot of folks a huge thank you.

At 10 years, there’s 9 people at Lookahead and 15 others who have been on the journey too. As a team we’ve hired well over 1000 people, helped give back to many Australian tech communities, and made a bunch of friends along the way. I’m still blown away by the quality of people I get to call my colleagues, and the companies we get to hire for.

As a recruiter, you’re a fly on the wall for lots of different journeys. It’s the topic for another blog post, but lots has changed in 10 years. I will say that most has been for the better. Work environments are a long way from where they were, and the choice that technical folks have is incredible. I see this accelerating in the next 10.

Our gig is simple but not easy. We talk to lots of people, do everything we can to support them, and sometimes a person gets a job with our client. Every year we get a little better, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.

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