From Code to Data: Mike Gouline on Leading Data & ML at mx51

We chat with Mike Gouline, Head of Data & ML at mx51, about his career journey. From his early days in software and mobile development to leading innovative data engineering and machine learning projects, Mike shares his insights on the evolving landscape of data roles and the future of the field in 2024.

Cheryl Gledhill

We chat with Cheryl Gledhill, a Director of Product for Culture Amp. She talks about product management in 2024 and some common misconceptions about product roles. Cheryl's one-sentence hiring advice may be our favourite yet.

Onboarding Tips & Checklist

Considering the adage "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," onboarding is a topic worth covering in detail. We've put together a checklist with tips and ideas for smooth and engaging onboarding.

Favourite Tech Tools & Resources

We've asked our friends in the tech industry to share their go-to tools and resources, and why they love them so much. From team scheduling and tackling time zones to code troubleshooting, these tools can help you be more efficient, creative and well-organised.

12 Things We've Observed In 12 Years of Lookahead

Lookahead turned 12 this month 🎉 Over a decade in tech recruitment, we've seen a thing or two. Here are some key insights and thoughts from our team.

Tech Events & Meetups

We've compiled a list of awesome tech events and meetups in Australia (and overseas) where you can learn, get inspired and mingle with your people.

Don’t make it hard to leave, make it easy to stay

The success of any company rides on the strength of its people, and while building the A-team is every founder’s dream, keeping it is just as important. So, what is the secret sauce to making a company where people want to stay?

Work-related advice from our friends in tech

We love collecting tips and insights from peers in our monthly newsletter interviews. We started publishing these valuable nuggets in a series of blog posts called 'We asked friends in tech'. Most recently, we shared our friends' excellent hiring tips. Today, we’re highlighting their one-sentence work-related advice.

Hiring advice from our friends in tech

We asked friends in tech for their one-sentence hiring advice. Here is a list of our favourite nuggets, plus our team's top-notch tips when hiring your dream team.

4-day work week: a 2023 update

With more and more companies trialling a 4-day work week, we revisit this increasingly popular topic with new tips and insights.

“Although I’m not coding on a daily basis, I’ve really enjoyed meeting developers and chatting with them. Having that technical background definitely helps me understand what developers and companies are after. I’ve also spent a lot of time giving people general advice on job searching and resume writing. They really appreciate that.”

Fiona Chan
Lookahead recruiter since 2015

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